WE PROvide a wide range of training opportunities for citizens of all ages

ICTIDC offers elearning and residential training courses and seminars in various formats and durations, both locally and internationally. Most of our courses are free, supported by the EU or private funds.

We support your staff and your organization reach your full potential

Offering both personal growth and organizational development services, Irish Creative Training & Innovative Development Center support local communities and organizations in their sustainable growth. 


  • The strategic training of Irish Creative Training and Innovative Development Center offers is a form of training that, according to each organization`s strategic planning, values and goals, provides employees and management with the necessary tools and information required to complete their tasks successfully.
  • We strive to ensure that our training creates meaningful and lasting behavior change for participants, and results in measurable business impact and return on investment for the company.
  • ICTIDC supports organizations to create a values-based culture. As the workforce in many companies becomes increasingly virtual and globally dispersed, ICTIDC can help to build a values-based culture and a sense of community. In particular, millennials are particularly interested in working for values-based, sustainable enterprises that contribute to the welfare of society.
  • We support organizations to motivate and engage their staff. The most important way to engage them is to provide them with opportunities to learn and develop new competencies. When highly engaged employees are challenged and given the skills to grow and develop within their chosen career path, they are more likely to be energized by new opportunities at work and satisfied with their current organization.
  • ICTIDC designs tailor-made learning journeys for each client organization. We offer continuous learning opportunities that take place over a period of time and include ICTIDC interventions such as fieldwork, pre- and post-classroom digital learning, social learning, on-the-job coaching and mentoring, and short workshops. The main objectives of a learning journey are to help people develop the required new competencies in the most effective and efficient way and to support the transfer of learning to the job.
  • All Irish CT & ID Center`s programs address the follow five key principles:
  1. Strategic - training and development programs are aligned with and support organizational objectives and strategy.
  2. Process, not event - training and development is taken as a continuous process incorporating various learning methodologies - workshops/seminars, self-learning, on-the-job experience/coaching, 'best practice' sharing, web-based interactions, etc.
  3. Competency driven and integrated - training and development focuses on increasing proficiency in the critical competencies required for success now and in the future. It is also linked with other organizational support systems.
  4. Practical - training curricula is relevant (industry, client and job specific), uncomplicated, and results-oriented. Ideally, our trainees will have the opportunity to immediately apply what they learn directly to their job environment.
  5. Coaching - managers are equipped with skills to understand training content ('what to coach'), know how to transfer ('how to coach') to their people, and take ownership for ensuring effective on-the-job implementation by participants.


Diversity management and provision of reasonable accommodations for all partners and clients is our key strategic approach.