Suggestopedia is a teaching method developed by the famous psychotherapist Georgi Lozanov. It is used mostly to learn foreign languages. 

The theory applied positive suggestion in teaching when it was developed in the 1970s. Suggestopedia is a portmanteau of the words “suggestion” and “pedagogy". A common misconception is to link "suggestion" to "hypnosis". However, Lozanov intended it in the sense of offering or proposing, emphasizing student choice.

In December 11-17, 1978 experts  from UNESCO’s, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization concluded that Dr. Lozanov’s method of Suggestopedia be “recommended for application all over the world.”

Irish Creative Training and Innovative Development Center uses the methods of suggestopedia as comprehensive, innovative, proven language learning methodology that greatly increases our capacity to learn, problem-solve and create.

"Suggestopedia is a science for developing different non-manipulative and non-hypnotic methods for teaching/learning of foreign languages and other subjects for every age-group on the level of reserve (potential, unused) capacities of the brain/mind. That means: at least three to five times faster, easier and deeper learning; inner freedom; increasing the motivation for learning; joyful learning and psycho-physiological well-being.

The effectiveness as well as the benefits of the genuine method have been confirmed by the most prestigious international commissions and scientists."


G. Lozanov, the father of Suggestopedia

The learning process combines three phases that include elaborating, deciphering and memorizing.

1. The deciphering stage is when the teacher initiates grammar and content.
2. The elaborating stage is the practice phase where the student shows what they have learned through song, drama and games. The teacher reads the text with music and sometimes along with the student in the memorizing phase.
3. The memorizing phase is usually called the concert session because it is associated with music.

To learn a second or third language using this method of suggestopedia requires an atmosphere that is comfortable and relaxing.

The student learns best when techniques are added to the learning process such as art and music.

Suggestopedia is indicative of how the brain works in the scope of learning.