Our MOOCs come in various shapes and sizes.

ICTIDCenter offers a wide range of Massive Online Open Courses, which are free short online courses (4 to 16 weeks), delivered in cooperation with reputable universities and lifelong-learning institutions from all over Europe  in non-formal learning settings.

Our MOOCs are highly interactive and often comprise multimedia material and interactive game-like environments.
ICTID Center`s MOOCs are free, yet with a good business potential 

eCredits and Degrees 

  • Upon completion of each of our MOOCs, we offer a Certificate, based on each learners achievements, measured during the course.
  • If the MOOC is completed via an EU-funded project, succeasful learner receive a EuroPass certification document.
  • A number of universities already exchange MOOC certificates for actual college credit. eCredits become increasingly valuable in the job market in Ireland and worldwide.

ICT&ID Center`s MOOCs

Advantages of MOOCs

  • MOOCs are low cost routes to accessing quality courses.
  • They can be combined with other study or work.
  • They are accessed from any computer at any location including your home.

MOOC pioneer Peter Norvig argues it is easier to achieve a one-on-one teaching experience online than in a crowded classroom. 

The ICT IDC organizes, supports and delivers free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) with a number of partners and various thematic areas, aligned with our strategic eLearning programmes.
Our MOOCs are extremely powerful capacity development interventions, which facilitate scaling-up of quality learning experiences, to enable skills and competencies acquisition, for shaping more competitive professional profiles. All ICTITDC MOOCs are designed in modular manner, have a clear purpose, realistic objectives that are measurable, through knowledge tests and a final evaluation that certifies the acquisition of competencies.
Our MOOCs aim to give wide access to education worldwide, and to geographically dispersed and marginalized individuals and gender-biased communities.