In our Career Development Service we apply

a Holistic Model 

Our Career Guidance and Career Management philosophy  is a holistic one; particularly with regards to our approach to client concerns.  
That is, the training model of guidance counsellor should not  compartmentalize clients concerns into dichotomized categories  such as “career concerns” and “personal-social” concerns. 

We take into serious consideration that clients who have  career concerns are also frequently dealing with concurrent  issues of poverty, abusive home situations, depression, anxiety,  ageism, and so on. Some clients are influenced by situational factors such as divorce, the global crisis, or the downsizing of companies.

Out of career counselling clients is usually about 63 percent women. Many of these women are dealing with gender issues related to career choice and job satisfaction. 

Incorporating both career and personal issues is our Holistic Model. 

An important aspect of our counselling work, as we try to engage the holistic model, is realization that there are often many psychologically related issues to attend. 

Under the guise of conventional career related concerns career clients often present more complex personal issues. A request for assistance with a resume or help with a job search may mask more profound developmental impasses, affective disorders, or other psychological concerns.

Dealing with the complexity of the holistic model, is often one of the biggest challenges for practitioners.
In Irish Creative Training & Innovative Development Center you will find career counselors that are not just aware of the links between the career challenges and personal issues, but are also willing and competent to address them in a holistic manner, this way provide an unique support package to all clients. 

We encourage a holistic personal development as a main path for career growth at any age.