Customized eContent

CTIDC eTrainings offer a customized eLearning content, worked out with the support of experts and training providers from Ireland and all over Europe.

ICTIDC`s eLearning courses originate from resources that researchers have shared with us; many researchers teach face-to-face courses, and these can easily be converted into eLearning courses to disseminate the knowledge and skills taught on each course further.

All source material, authors and reviewers are fully acknowledged in each of our training workshops and seminars.

Our designers, course managers and subject matter experts work in a joint effort to create suitable training environment and content, addressing the needs of the European youth workers and adult education providers, in search of fostering personal development, active participation; as well as boosting social and economic inclusion.

Providing an eTraining Platform that has a measurable impact among adult educators is the ultimate goal of ICTIDC eTrainings.

Every ICTIDC eTrainings is:

  • Designed to meet your unique training objectives and requirements
  • Built to support or replace an existing face-to-face training solution
  • Created to align with your specific learning needs



The ICTIDC`s eLearning courses content is accessed via our easy-to-use Learning Management System and can be viewed on multiple electronic devices, so learners can study in their own time, at their own pace.

Joining the ICTIDC`s eLearning courses:

  • Is more cost effective and time efficient than creating bespoke content
  • Offers ready-sourced subject matter expertise
  • You have a track and report on all learner's progress


  • Accessible from anywhere and on any device, the ICTIDC`s eLearning courses is streamlined and dynamic; with a modern user-friendly interface; easy to customize and navigate.


  • ICTIDC eLearning courses offer customized eLearning content with a suitable for groups training environment, providing a measurable impact among learners of all ages.


  • Delivered through active individual learner participation, our courses offer valuable expert inputs and interactive plots, engaging and stimulating; increasing overall retention and success.

Variety of Learner Assessment Methods including progress checks; tests and European non-formal learning certification.
·         Some ICTIDC`s eLearning courses offer blogs for discussions and feedback on the eLearning process.


Why choose the ICTIDC`s eLearning courses?

Join the ICTIDC`s  eLearning



ICTIDC eL/eT  is an abbreviation of “eLearning/eTraining at the Irish Creative Training and Innovative Development Center”.
All ICTIDC eTrainings provide an expertise in online training, following a learner-centric approach with personal attention and tailored learner support.

ICTIDC eTrainings offer off-the-shelf courses developed by training professionals and experts from Ireland and all over Europe. All ICTIDC eTrainings are focused on using the latest teaching methods to enhance the learning experience.

Engaging in our training courses, delivered through active learner participation, interactive plots and beautiful instructional design, learners are engaged and stimulated, increasing overall retention and success.

When you choose an ICTIDC`s eLearning courses, you’re choosing the functionality you need to support a truly modern eLearning Platform, accessible freely to all European adult educators and youth workers.

ICTIDC`s eLearning courses are accessible on any device and will help you learn more on how you can use the horticultural and nature therapy in your every-day learning activated with children and youth with disabilities, offering a streamlined and dynamic eLearning.


  • A modern user-friendly interface
  • Easy to customize and navigate
  • Fully responsive and scalable
  • Displays in a variety of languages
  • Robust and secure
  • Minimal set-up, fast deployment


Participating in an  ICTIDC`s eLearning courses offers a rare opportunity to network and collaborate with colleagues from all over Europe; get access to virtual and residential discussions: learn about good practices and receive expert advice.

Participating in an  ICTIDC`s eLearning course offers a rare opportunity to:

  • network and collaborate with colleagues, both locally and from all over Europe;
  • get access to virtual and residential discussions;
  • learn about good practices
  • get mentored by experienced professionals;
  • receive expert advice on using horticultural and nature therapy with children and youth with disabilities and their families for the benefit of supporting personal development, fostering participation and boosting social and economic inclusion. 

The eLearning Center at the ITCIDC offers a full  range of learning opportunities powered by the  latest online technologies available, setting high  standards for free and user-friendly distance learning and active learner-educator interaction.

Our eLearning courses are designed to cover every step, process, and issue that needs to be understood in order to obtain the necessary knowledge and skills.  Every course is designed to be globally accessible.

Each course is carefully researched to provide high-quality material that is peer reviewed and regularly updated. 

A certificate is issued once a minimum of 80% is achieved in the course quizzes.