The ICT for language learning trainings of Irish Creative Training & Innovative Development Center can benefit teachers, teacher trainers and other stakeholders involved in language teaching, who will be able to make use of the training activities and the training materials that we offer online and in residential training settings.

Development and individualization of training modules in the use of available ICT tools and open resources in language teaching and learning are reinforced by involving remote (“online”) participants in all aspects of communication and group work.

The part-online delivery and the integrated social media can guarantee flexibility and accessibility of the training for a wider group of teaching professionals, giving them hands-on experience of online learning and teaching and integrating them into a growing community of practice of European language professionals. 

​Irish Creative Training and Innovative Development Center provides training in the application of pedagogical principles in teaching languages with technology and promotes the effective use of ICT tools and open resources in support of quality language teaching and learning.

Use of ICT in support of language learning and teaching at the Irish CT&ID Center

Language education is an area where open-access resources, online courses, virtual classrooms and social networks based on information and communication technology (ICT) are being increasingly used to give learners access to information, promote interaction and communication, and enhance digital literacy skills.

In order to maximize the potential of ICT in language teaching, it is crucial that it is used in a pedagogically sound way that corresponds to the individual needs of the learners.

It is also important that the use of ICT is introduced and supported in a sustainable way and in a range of pedagogical approaches that promote lifelong learning.