Creativity can be learned and the school curriculum should be restructured to reflect forms of learning which develop creative ability’ 

Creativity is the application of knowledge and skills in new ways to achieve a valued goal. To achieve this, learners must have four key qualities:

- the ability to identify new problems, rather than depending on others to define them

- the ability to transfer knowledge gained in one context to another in order to solve a problem

-  a belief in learning as an incremental process, in which repeated attempts will eventually lead to success

- the capacity to focus attention in the pursuit of a goal, or set of goals.’

---Seltzer & Bentley

"There is research evidence that certain characteristics of the teacher are correlated with the extent to which creativity is effectively fostered with learners. These include the teacher’s attitude toward creativity, social relations between teacher and learner and the provision of optimal materials - proving a relationships between values and attitudes, intelligence and pedagogic repertoires."


In Irish Creative Training and Innovative Development Center

  • We believe that education is the fundamental pillar of human evolution.
  • We believe that our customers and their needs are unique.

    They deserve a unique solution.

  • To develop your unique solution is our favorite challenge.
  • We are creative to fit the solution in your limited budgets.
  • We work effectively to meet your demanding timelines.
  • We exert diligence to deliver the quality you expect.
  • Selling "one size fits all' solutions just does not work for us.

1. Uunderstanding you, your organization, and your needs!

Our backgrounds in international organizations, academia, science, research, communication, issue and crisis management, marketing and all aspects of IT, as well as in non-profits and civil society organizations enables us to ask the proper questions.

We will not stop until we understand your needs, and the environment the solution will have to fit.

2. Define and implement your solution

First we develop a concept / proposal of the solution. This document will summarize our understanding of the problem and gives all known restrictions with regards to budgets, organizational readiness, security etc.
After you accepted this proposal - and we will do as many iterations as necessary - we will implement the solutions.
The solution will be based on the best available technology - whether it is one of our proprietary products or a 3rd party product.
We will give you a prototype - just to make sure that we properly understood what you expect.
Based on your feedback we will then develop a unique solution for you.

3. The successful deployment of a solution is just the beginning of a long-term relationship

Of course we provide training, maintenance and support.

Additionally, we also provide a persistent interest in what you do and how our solutions are serving you.
With the click of the mouse, you can always reach us - almost any time of the day, any day of the week.

Chances are that 10 years after your solution went live, you will still be able to reach all the people who developed it.

They still know you, still know the application, and are ready to help.


  • We provide products, services and customer access that support and contribute value for our clients.
  • We listen to our clients to better understand today’s client needs.
  • We anticipate customer requirements and marketplace opportunities.
  • We develop client relationships that build trust, confidence and loyalty.

We focus on results creating value for our stakeholders

Our organizational strategy and bi-annual plans include key stakeholder requirements to ensure differing needs are met and avoid unintended adverse impacts on any stakeholders.


  • We commit to the engagement, satisfaction, development and well-being of the people at work.
  • We provide recognition that goes beyond the regular compensation system.
  • We share best practices so that our workforce can better serve our customers and contribute to achieving our strategic objectives.
  • We create an environment that encourages risk taking and innovation.
  • We create a supportive environment for a diverse workforce.
  • We build internal and external partnerships to more effectively accomplish our overall goals.


  • We model ethical behavior and believe in the protection of public health, safety, and the environment.
  • We treat all laws and regulatory requirements as opportunities for change and improvement, not mere compliance.
  • We behave honestly, ethically and maintain appropriate confidentiality in all stakeholder transactions and interactions.


  • The activities of the IRISH CREATIVE TRAINING AND INNOVATIVE DEVELOPMENT CENTER are based on responsibility, sustainable development and understanding and appreciating the local and global diversity.