Make a swift and smooth career transition!

Whether it`s a return to work after a maternity leave, sickness or another break; a move to a new company, a complete career change, a jump to retirement or a company downsizing, career transitions are tedious.

We are here for you to support you to effectively handle career transitions and make them wise and happy choices! 


‘Career Transition’ circumstances could vary between:

  • Transitioning to a completely new career or new sector;
  • Transitioning into a leadership position;
  • Transitioning to a new geography or territory;
  • Transitioning following redundancy;
  • Transitioning back into employment following an extended period of leave for family, health or study reasons; or
  • Transitioning to retirement.

Truthfully, it can be any of those, and in reality, we all need to be prepared for regular transitioning, at times this may be more dramatic than others.

If you are facing career transition, you need to prepare for it, to enjoy the smoothest possible career transition. There is no need to undertake this transition on your own as there is plenty of services and assistance here for you.

Our Career Management Academy  includes careful consideration and implementation of an individual strategy in relation to a new professional project (employment or business creation).

The goal is to enable the candidate to take a step back relative to its current business, validate their employability on the labour market and prepare effectively to calmly consider the next professional step in internal or external mobility.

Individual coaching in 2 hour sessions by a specilalst certified in career management and career transition includes the 3 following phases:

Step 1 – Analysis and validation of Project

Clarify the professional project and define the goals and means of your success.
This stage covers the analysis of the position (evaluation) with a review of skills and professional achievements, motivation, personality and communication style, sources of satisfaction / dissatisfaction possible environments, using an analysis tool psychometric personality.

Step 2 - Preparation of Marketing Plan

Implement the project's success operationally based on identified targets.
This stage covers the written / oral communication (CV, letter of motivation), the use of professional networking, visibility on social networks (LinkedIn), and preparation / maintenance simulation.

Step 3 – Realization

This is to clarify to find, identify and negotiate good business proposition
This stage covers the management of campaign research, preparation and debriefing interviews including remuneration negotiation, analysis and evaluation of the offer, the integration of the new position and follow-up during the 3 first months.

We offer a package of individual choice tips you can chose depending on your needs and your budget on the topics of the different stages.