ICTIDC`s CLIL Training Center

Our CLIL Training Center offers Teacher Development courses for professionals who teach English or their subject in that language.

These CLIL programmes – Content and Language Integrated Learning –  are often funded through Erasmus+, and can be taken in a ‘closed’ or international group, depending on requirements.

Our CLIL Training Center is an experienced provider, offering an unusually wide variety of courses for educators of English and CLIL. 

We also organize conferences with local professionals to exchange good practices; as well as job shadowing experiences and workshops with the local communities.

Our courses are noted for the expertise of our trainers, who are highly experienced in their field and include authors of popular course-books and resource materials. They have vast experience in training European language trainers and many exciting ideas to impart.

​Our approach is a very practical one with the emphasis on doing rather than theorizing. 

​Using both formal and non-formal education methodologies, our courses accommodate an interactive learning approach, including theoretical inputs; participatory activities such as role plays and simulation exercises; moderated discussions and small group exercises analyzing study cases.  Not only is this a more fun and interactive way of learning, but the educators are also able to see the real benefits of classroom activities as well as the challenges they may provide.

We always provide plenty of ideas and suggestions that can be adapted for use in any country and context.

​​Visits to Irish primary or secondary schools or vocational colleges to observe lessons and talk with teachers are a feature of most term-time courses.

In addition to running English courses in Ireland, we offer programs for trainers and educators in other countries and would be willing to visit your school for a short course of a week or two. 

Details are available on request.

Our courses aim to:

  • ​Raise awareness on the importance on CLIL discussing all its characteristics;
  • Explore and discover the benefits that the CLIL methodology can foster;
  • Help participants acknowledge all the different ways in which CLIL can be implemented in everyday learning;
  • Furnish easy and accessible tools to apply CLIL to revolutionize your current teaching strategy;
  • Create a cross-cultural exchange and understanding with local colleagues on the benefits that CLIL can give and the ways in which can be best applied.



All participants of our courses receive upon course completion:

  • ​Certificate of Attendance
  • Europass Mobility Certificate