Training aims:

- To introduce "The Creative Teaching Toolbox" as a set of universal methods that can be used in various types of learning settings and with a wide range of learners.

- To provide a platform to discuss the practical applicability of each tool in the "The Creative Teaching Toolbox" . 

- To ensure a wide promotion of "The Creative Teaching Toolbox" as a set of creative training methods that can bridge formal and non-formal education, enriching the learning-by-doing-experience of the learners.


- "The Six Thinking Hats®" was seen by participants as a simple, effective parallel thinking process that helps people be more productive, focused, and mindfully involved. They shared that they see it as a powerful tool set, which once learned can be applied immediately in their teaching. We all noted that teachers and trainers needs to get certified with De Bono Group -

- "The PECHAKUCHAl" was evaluated as an useful tool for presentations in a wide range of settings. 
- ​The "DOING MATH WITH LEGO®" tool was viewed as something already widely used in Ireland and already showing positive results with students in school and out-of-school training settings.

- Participants liked the "Story Cubes®" and found them quite applicable for working with adult learners.

​Title: Creative Teaching Toolbox



The The Creative Teaching Toolbox offers teachers and trainers tools to research and promote   innovative methods to work on creativity and innovation that can be easily implemented in formal and  non-formal educational settings.

ICTIDC`s Creative Teaching Toolbox contains the following creative learning tools:

​- "The Six Thinking Hats®" of Edward de Bono - a tool for development of creative thinking;

- The "Creative Dialogical Exercises" - a tool for universal dialogical learning with learners of all ages;

​- The "Story Cubes®" of Rory O’Connor - a tool boosting creativity in education;

​- The "DOING MATH WITH LEGO®" tool as a hands-on tool for creative learning in formal and non-formal settings;

​- The "PECHAKUCHA" - a simple, clear and visual way to present various types of learning materials and information.

Useful links:

​- Multilingual materials about the "The Creative Teaching Toolbox" in Bulgarian, Danish, English, Portuguese and Spanish -

​- The official site of the De Bono Group - The tool is protected with property rights and the trainers need to obtain a training certificate from the Debono Group.

- "The Story Cubes®" of Rory O’Connor -